Don't be like McAuley Culkin in Home Alone, Home alone 2, or the other actors who's names

we can't remember in Home Alone 3 -5.

We specialise in making colourful & fast paced 'Social Proof' images. In other words, images that help brand you as trend setters & make your competitors jealous that you have content they don't.

Let us keep up & move forward for you. We'll make  video & take photos that leave your competitors chasing what you guys did yesterday & are already plotting to move on from tomorrow.


Caroline is the co-founder of twentyonestories & top

braniac at keeping everyone else in line. Formerly a video editor in TV drama & production manager for DC Thomson, she organises all our freelancers like Mrs Hinch would organise Pete Doherty's kitchen.

Brian is also co-founder of twentyonestories & brings over fifteen years of video production, directing, filming & editing experience. Although if you ask him he will pretend he's much younger than that. Probably why he is trying to cover half his face in his profile picture.

Lou has been a graphic designer & video editor since graduating in 1999. She's so funky we're pretty sure Prince threw his party just for her. She has previously worked for many large creative companies in the North East, including Fifth Ring, AVC Media & Imajica, but now works for us because she says: "We are the friendliest and coolest". She probably just told us that to get the job but we won't argue!


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